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Restaurants and snack bars nearby

petot bistro baguettes.JPG

Petit Bistro

address: Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 4, 95666 Mitterteich

opening hours: 24/7

​telephone: 09633 4000029

The Petit Bistro is located in the same building as the hotel Miratel and offers cold and warm dishes 24/7.

restaurant liu.JPG

Liu Asian Restaurant

address: Carl-Zeiss-Straße 1A, 95666 Mitterteich

opening hours: Tue-Sun: 11:30–14:30 and 17:30–23:00

​telephone: 09633 7870340

Only 200 meters away from the hotel Miratel you find the restaurant Liu Asian which offers delicious asian buffet twice a day.


Greek Restaurant Mythos

address: Unterer Marktpl. 11, 95666 Mitterteich

opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thu: 17:00–22:00 and Fri-Sun: 11:00–14:00, 17:00–22:00

telephone: 09633 4005131

The Greek restaurant Mythos offers fresh mediterranean food and is only 2 km away from hotel Miratel.

Schmankerl Eck

address: Kirchpl. 3, 95666 Mitterteich

opening hours: Tue-Sun: 09:00–22:00

​telephone: 09633 9349777

The snack bar Schmankerl Eck in Mitterteich serves you with daily warm food and Turkish specialtities at reasonable prices on high quality.



address: Martin-Zehendner-Straße 11, 95666 Mitterteich

opening hours: Mon: 17:00–23:00 and Tue-Sun: 11:00–13:00, 17:00–23:00

​telephone: 09633 918299

The Italian restaurant Valentino in Mitterteich is famous for its Italian food and makes sure that you will feel like in Italy. Enjoy your stay with delicious mediterranean food.  You find the restaurant only 2,5 km far from the hotel Miratel.


Rathaus Mitterteich.JPG
Mitterteich Logo.JPG

Town Mitterteich

Mitterteich is a town in Upper Palatinate surrounding of Tirschenreuth. Mitterteich is a glass- and procelain manufacturer.

Sibyllenbad Neualbenreuth

Sibyllenbad is a healing springs resort close to the German-Czech border and is part of the town Neualbenreuth close to Tirschenreuth. It is the only healing spring in Upper Palatinate and owns the tradition of the close Czech health resorts Karlsbad, Marienbad and Franzensbad.


Kurallee 1

95698 Neualbenreuth
Telephone: +49 (0)9638/933-0


Little Train Drive

You will drive from Großbüchlberg through our beautiful Stiftland. Herr Gerhard Lang is commenting this 90 minutes drive over Konnersreuth, to the Kappl, and the Lourdesgrotte and back to the start funny and infomative.

Alternative routes are always possible. After that you will have the option to have a snack at the Petersklause. The Petersklause-Express itself provides 60 seats.


Gerhard Lang
Großbüchlberg 32
95666 Mitterteich
Telephone: 0 170 / 52 86 86 4

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